Funeral Beat (2012)

by Da4th

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Recorded at Monkey Nuts studio in year 2011.


released January 1, 2012

Recorded by:

Giovanni Juan Merenda Pascarella - vocals
Danilo Danny Bellone - guitar/bass/vocals
Dario Pollo Esposito - drums



all rights reserved


Da4th Caserta, Italy

The band was founded in 2008. Their sound is a hybrid of new school Hardcore, Beatdown and Rap music.

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Track Name: Burn the empire 2012
Hold their grieving heads and mourn
echoes and memories
enemy armies are ready
set your soul from where we once begin
thoughts are stronger than your life

my eyes raise to this blood

when you walk on the streets
you see only shit
my eyes raise to this blood
burn this empire for a new age of gold
let this world have no blindfold

out of this motherfucking shit

Burn this empire
Track Name: CBC on the streets
Brothers around the world
here same life, same shit
nobody knows what we want
day by day, face by face
we forget who we are
(but) we stay true!

I can't forget you can't bring me down
in this fucking town

I think about the way that we're living and I know
there is a price to pay
cause I don't know where we are
and what we wanna be

No step back and I look in your eyes
and I'll tell you what I think
we will fight, we will die
still in line to find another day
day by day
we will live to turn this page

the pain is here to tell me that I'm still alive
the life is gone, we will burn
(and) we don't care

CBC on the streets
we don't give a shit
Track Name: Funeral beat
Shut the fuck up when you talk about us
we don't give a fuck 'bout you
we give back this shit to you
we will take your life soon
too scared and you're looking down?
putting the distance between you and the ground
and the only thing I want
it's your funeral, yeah

I cannot go through your lies
I want your motherfucking life

Sick mind unlike to ya
but I was born with a gift : respect
now I'm ready to evade
you and my sick mind
honour to respect
but for you, just dishonor

why do you still look at me?
I'm so sick of people like you
it's too late to go back
you pray fro what you done

I know you're fucking with me
fucking my brain and fuck(ing) my friends
you never have been honest
no more chances for you
'cause you'll don't get any respect from us

the only thing I want it's your life
motherfucking life

this is the last day of your lies
this is the last day of your life
Track Name: The passion 2012
Revenge's so strong
I've tasted it on my tongue
killing the senses
this wound will last (for) long

I'm here for kill
I'm here for pay this bill
your fucking ignorance
just make me sick

you know you don't mean a shit to me
your vision is not so clear to see
I do not share your ways to be
just stay the fuck away from me
stay away from me

Look around when you walk my ground
it's my rage to see
stay away from me

I'm just warning you that I could fuckin break you
I've split my heart in two
my half I gave to you

You're just betrayed my soul
and now this is my goal
I'm just warning you that I could fuckin break you
Track Name: This is apocalypse, bitch!
Only shit these days
that's why I feel this pain
what the fuck is this world
from beginning to the storm
I fuck this world
cause the world fuck me
and I'll never gonna dream
cause the only dream I had it's the end of world
and don't give a fuck about what's going on

everybody talks about the end of world
(but) that's what we're waiting for
shout your anger before you die
you will die
you won't never look back
the time is gone!
Now that everything is done
understand that you have won
on everyone you used to know

this is the apocalypse
this is : " what the fuck is this world? "

you cover your world with shit
and you complain everyday
about who we are and how we live
you deserve to be consumed by pain
if you're the first who does any fuckin' thing
Track Name: You must crawl 2012
The night, the fog, possess my body
they're guiding me through forests of life
it's not easy to reach it
summit is too far

but once there godds will be nearer to me
they'll help my soul to become an arrow
they'll help my life to become a bow
(so) my arrow will penetrate your throat

you will suffer in silence
my brothers will run to you
to devour your putrid skin
your meaningless life
will be ended

...and this is your people destiny
our family will dominate
your superficial existences
your face will drown in mud
filled with insects
pray and feed on them

we'll tear your heart out and we'll feast on your flesh
your fall at any cost
and now you're speechless, lost.
Leave all your useless hopes
get what you fucking deserve
you made a fatal mistake
coming into this nest

you must crawl for me and my brothers.